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Levista is a brand design studio creating unique and modern visual identity for creative people and their clients. Our style is minimalism, modernism and elegancy. We believe that your brand deserves to be unique, recognizable and beautiful.

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Our Offers


Visual identity with Monogram logo



Visual identity with Monogram logo


Visual Identity

We create a strong visual identity of your brand through rich and aesthetic design. Get everything that every brand needs – its image, feelings, emotions and life. Let your customers fall in love with your look.

Budget proposal for a brand's logo and visual identity

Start brand

You do not spend a lot of investment and time. This offer is excellent to get your business visually ready for a quick start or rebrand it in short order.

Simplified ordering process without correspondence and negotiations. You enter all information about your brand and design preferences into our brief (questionnaire) on the checkout page

TIMELINE: Within 7 business days from the selected Start Date

INVESTMENT: from $ 990

includes components

•  Primary logo

•  Secondary logo

•  Сolour Scheme (palette)

•  Typography (compilation of fonts)

+  Social Media Avatar

+  Branded background

+  MINI Style Guide


  • Product is based on a one-concept approach
  • Automated ordering in the online store
  • It does not include revisions, but you can purchase them after the receipt of the product
  • You can agree and order add-ons after you have received this product

Visual Identity (expanded option)

We discuss all your wishes with you, form the scope of work and agree a number of revisions before concluding a contract. We communicate with you throughout the entire design process.

TIMELINE: 4-5 weeks

INVESTMENT: from $ 3100

includes components

•  Primary logo

•  Secondary logo

•  Сolour Scheme (palette)

•  Typography (compilation of fonts)


  • Service is based on a one-concept approach
  • The cost includes 2 sets (rounds) of revisions. You can request more revisions
  • This service is not automated, unlike the Start Brand product
  • You can agree add-ons and include them in a contract

Premade Brand Design

Premade Brand is a ready-made visual identity of a brand. You get what you see and do not have to wait for long. We customize the design for you. You will be the sole owner of the chosen Premade Brand.

TIMELINE: up to 5 business days

INVESTMENT: from $ 250

includes components

•  Primary logo

• Secondary logo

•  Сolour Scheme (palette)

•  Typography (compilation of fonts)

•  Social Media Avatar

•  Mini Style Guide


  • You can purchase a Premade Brand you like with a few clicks in our online store
  • Each Premade Brand has its features. See the details about each product


You can add various components to your project such as business card design, unique packaging, design of templates for social media, letterheads and forms, etc.

We design everything related to branding, and we do not list each thing here. You can extend your project by adding any graphic design item you need. Just let us know if you are in doubt or do not see what you are looking for.

List of possible add-ons

•  Print Design (Business cards, Flyers, Thank you cards etc.)

•  Packaging Design, Labels

•  Social Media Design, Templates

•  Presentation design

•  Web design

Our Process

Getting to know each other, discussion and planning

We discuss what your brand needs and work out a project plan, its timeline and cost. If we understand that we are right for each other, we sign a contract and you make the first payment (deposit).

Brief and analysis

The brief helps us understand what result you would like to achieve, your target audience and the strengths of your brand.

Design and presentation

Based on the brief and our discussion, we develop ideas for your future identity. We create many sketches during the design process and come up with the best result. We prepare a presentation for you, where we demonstrate on mock-ups how our design works and is perceived on your materials (packaging, signboards, merch, banners, marketing materials, etc.)

Revisions and add-ons

You will have time to think whether you are satisfied with everything. You can make revisions. After the implementation of the revisions, we develop add-ons that you need.

We also prepare a style guide containing a set of rules and recommendations that help everyone in your team apply the design correctly.

Transfer of files

You pay the remaining amount and we prepare the files in all necessary formats. After the receipt of the payment, we will email you all the files.

We want to make sure that our design works – therefore we will stay in touch with you and be open to your questions and our counseling.

We do not insist, but prefer a one-concept approach.

During our design process, we examine a client, its brand and business from different angles, study many aspects. We come up with plenty of ideas, make a lot of sketches and preliminary designs. Finally, we arrive at a single idea of design that we consider the best design solution for the brand.

There is always only one best solution, and knowing it, you cannot create something better. If we have to make more concepts, you receive one or two more water-down, less effective options. Consequently, you and we spend more time, and the price is higher with no positive effects. Furthermore, having several concepts, you have to choose like an art director. We do not shift our responsibility for design onto you. You are a professional in your field, let us be your design experts.

A logo cannot exist on its own. It is part of the visual identity of a brand and its organic component. One cannot exist without the other. A customer perceives the brand’s visual image as a whole with all of its graphic elements. The logo is an eye-catching core distinctive element, but it needs emphasis to function effectively. Other parts of the visual identity have their key role in this. Conversely, the other elements work independently to distinguish the brand, and the logo itself complements them. Moreover, your logo should fit in with the overall image of the brand and should not conflict with other components of the visual identity. Only this cohesive whole sets you apart and creates a sense of value for your customers.

We create this value, not just some piece of attractive design. We do not make a logo without other components of brand visual identity as well as other components without a logo. We want to be proud of our design for its value to the brand and its customers. Read more about a logo and visual identity in our blog.