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Mogran strives to be more than just another coffee and wine bar. Mogran is a place where waves of emotions are born, collide and mix together, supported by guests’ favorite beverages. Cheer up in the morning with a cup of aromatic specialty coffee for your fruitful day, and in the cozy evening – get emotional comfort with a glass of good wine.
Another wine glass or coffee cup? Maybe the hackneyed and overused sign of a coffee bean?
It is definitely not about Mogran, which should look authentic and create a feeling of vigor, liveliness in the morning, and bring emotional release and relaxing comfort in the evening.
Many ideas, sketches to arrive at the very sign that really captures the essence of Mogran.
A wave of emotions. A wave of sensation. A wave of energy. A wave of atmosphere. A wave of stories. A wave of you.
We adapted and built an abstract wave into the letter O, which energetically endeavors to overwhelm and immerse you in the atmosphere of Mogran, their exquisite signature beverages. Colors, font, everything emphasizes the logo and the idea that this is a truly worthwhile place for accomplished people. The place for contented people who value their work and know how to relax well.
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