Power of brand visual identity make your brand win hearts and minds

“It’s only shallow people who do not judge by appearances”

Oscar Wilde, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a popular saying, but do people follow it?

Our first impression of persons is from their appearance and it usually tends to form an opinion about them. It affects us whether we would like to communicate or not when we first meet. You can say that about any brand too. You do not know a product and a hint of an idea never pops into your head to touch it let alone buy if it looks somehow appalling or unattractive. Appearance matters.

Looking good is a good thing, but how good is, maybe, even more important. Have a look at two persons dressed in high-quality expensive clothes. One of them appeals and you think, “Hey, you look fantastic!”, and there is something wrong with the latter – “You need to think about your style and taste”. The concept of style and taste also applies to a brand’s look – its visual identity. You can be bright, colorful and flashy, but tasteless. On the other hand, you can be modest and austere but at the same time stylish and elegant.

A brand’s product must capture a person’s mind and stir up a desire to possess it. Visual identity is a tool that can help with this. However, it can do otherwise! Do not underestimate its power.

So, what is brand visual identity? In simple terms, visual identity is the look and feel of your brand, its image. Visual identity consists of a set of graphic elements and design solutions that serve to represent your business and help make it recognizable. It includes visual components such as a logo, color scheme (palette), typography (brand fonts), images and style, which a brand uses across all media to develop brand recognition. This set should not be a simple mixture of ingredients but a delicious Caesar salad for your customer. Visual identity is not just a beautiful design but also your face that represents, makes you noticeable on the market, sets you apart and creates a sense of value for your customers.

Essentially, a visual identity is a consistently arranged unique visual package for your brand that makes an impression of your brand and its products.

Here some of the requirements that a visual identity should meet to serve its purpose.

Distinction and recognition of a brand

Your brand should have clear and consistent image, so your customers can easily distinguish it from others and remember the image, set it apart from competitors. It also emphasizes the unique features of your brand.

Simplicity and functionality

Identity is to be easy to understand, make a clear impression of the brand. Visual identity should also be functional, i.e. it can be easily reproduced across all your digital and print media as well as interior spaces. You are constantly developing and your brand is evolving, so your visual identity needs to be flexible and adaptable to stay relevant at all times.

Visual identity should evoke a sense of trust and professionalism

Quality design helps make the impression of reliability and inspire loyalty in your customer. How often do you buy a brand’s product if you do not trust the brand? Your identity is your facade, which should make a customer want to enter your home. The trustworthy fascinates, and the unreliable is rejected.

Consistency of identity makes it a more effective way of achieving brand recognition

All the elements are the building blocks that form your entire look. They are like items of a wardrobe: they should match each other, emphasize your strengths and make them memorable.

Identity has to be targeted at your audience. Well-developed identity attracts and keeps your target audience.

Effective marketing orientation makes your marketing efforts easier for your brand. Well-designed identity attracts attention, arouses positive emotions and associations in your customers.

Each element of brand visual identity is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and must complement this puzzle. Your customer assesses the whole thing but sees every detail as well. Each element must be perfect and play its part. None of them should stick out like a sore thumb. They are an orchestra performing their own unique symphony.

Do a self-check. Is everything all right with the above points? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and sincerely answer simple questions: “Do I feel positive about this brand? Do I catch myself thinking about having this product just because I like the look of the brand and its presentation?” If you reply yes without the slightest hesitation, your brand identity is great.

Nobody disputes the statement that all people are talented but we cannot know everything and be a professional in every field. We turn to experts for help. We all want to look lovely and we rely on professionals like stylists, beauty salons and barbershops, you name it. For the same reason you should seek expert advice on visual identity design.

Visual identity is the art of creativity, ideas and design that helps your brand win over its customer.

Fine feathers make fine birds – your look makes your sales.